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Currently working on a new series of paintings that explore humanity's relationships with ourselves, to each other and the rest of nature.

Through a painterly application of acrylic paint, mediums and recycled artwork the hybrid works oscillate between realism and abstraction and explore the natural world of which we are a part.



UAL Art Collection, London, UK                                                                   

Theory Condos Art Collection, Toronto

Climate Art Collection, Berlin       

Private collections in North America, the UK and Europe                                                  

Group Exhibitions and Juried Shows

Espacio Gallery, Group Exhibition, London, UK                                                       2023

Art on a Postcard Winter Auction for Hepatitis C, The Bomb Factory, UK        2022

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London, UK                                                    2022

Unstuck, Fairport's Cropredy Convention Music Festival, UK.                             2022

UAL, Chelsea College, Fine Art Alumni Class of 2020                                          2022

Top 18 Finalist for the Beyond Future Art Prize, Hong Kong                                 2022

Art Toronto Online Exhibition Representing University of the Arts London       2021  

Copeland Gallery, Journey into Unknown, London, UK, Group Exhibition          2021 

Lewisham Art House, London, UK, Group Exhibition                                              2021    

no format Gallery, Solid Air, London, UK, Group Exhibition                                   2021  

Ruth Borchard Self-Portrait Prize 2021 Long-listed, online exhibition. UK         2021

The Movement of Voices’, a collaborative film, Seoul, Korea                                   2021

D31 Gallery Art Prize Long-list, Juried Online Exhibition, Doncaster, UK            2021  

Camberwell Foyer Gallery, MA Exhibition, London, UK                                          2020

Walls in Online Places, London, UK Juried Show                                                       2020

MA Cross-Pathway Group Exhibition, UAL, Camberwell, London                        2019

MA Painting Pop up Show, UAL, Camberwell, London, UK                                    2019    OCAD Grad Ex 104, Toronto, Ontario, Canada                                                       2019  Mercedes-Benz Financial 10th Juried Art Exhibition, Mississauga                         2018    Grimsby Art Gallery Biannual Juried Art Exhibition , Grimsby, ON                       2018    Uxbridge 22nd Annual Juried Exhibition, Uxbridge, ON                                          2017    Mercedes-Benz Financial 9th Art Exhibition, Mississauga, ON                             2017    Mercedes-Benz Canada, Juried Exhibition, Toronto, ON, Canada                        2017    Children's Aid Foundation 30th Annual Teddy Bear Silent Auction                      2016  Mercedes-Benz Financial 8th Experiencing Perspectives Art Exhibition             2016  Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Main Exhibition, Toronto, ON, Canada            2016  Mercedes Benz Financial 7th Experiencing Perspectives Art Exhibition               2016  Uxbridge 18th Annual Juried Art Show, Uxbridge, ON, Canada                             2015

Beaux Art Brampton Wildlife, Nature and Native Juried Show                               2014    Walk on the Wild Side, Beaux Arts Gallery, Brampton, ON, Canada                    2014    Tending Our Garden City, City Hall, St. Catharines. ON, Canada                        2011    Walk on the Wild Side, Beaux Arts Gallery, Brampton, ON, Canada                    2011    Shoot High Shoot Low, City Hall, St. Catharines, ON, Canada                             2010    UBS Bank Juried Show, UBS Bank, Toronto, ON, Canada                                     2010  Uxbridge 13th Annual Juried Show, Uxbridge, ON, Canada                                    2010    Walk on the Wild Side, Beaux Arts Gallery, Brampton, ON, Canada                  2009  Escarpment on the Edge Juried Show, St. Catharines, ON, Canada                    2009                     


OCAD University Alfred T. Vivash Award for International Graduate Studies                                             2019    OCAD University Frances Lea Ziegler Memorial Fund Scholarship Drawing & Painting                           2018 

OCAD University Frances Lea Ziegler Memorial Fund Scholarship Drawing & Painting                           2017

OCAD University Sully Corth Memorial Fund Scholarship Drawing & Painting                                          2016     George McLean Best in Show Award Beaux Arts Brampton Juried Show                                                     2011


UAL, Camberwell College of Arts, MA Fine Art: Painting, with Distinction                                                 2020

OCAD University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (H) BFA Drawing & Painting, with Distinction                 2019

Max the Mutt Animation School, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Classical Animation Diploma                     2005                

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